Our Services

  • Photometric measurements on lamps and luminaires
  • Luminous Flux Measurements on lamps an luminaires
  • Measurement of 3D light distribution curves (LDT and IES format)
  • Conversion of photometric data files (LDT or IES format)
  • Determination of different photometric and colorimetric parameters e.g.: luminous efficacy, light output range (L.O.R), UGR-Values, luminous density, luminous intensity, beam angle, zonal luminous flux, correlated colour temperature (CCT), colour coordinates, colour rendering index (CRI).
  • Temperature controlled photometric and colorimetric measurements on LED Modules
  • Determination of L.O.R. (Light Output Range) of LED luminaires
  • Flicker Measurements
    Determination of: Flicker Frequency, Flicker Percent, Flicker Index
  • Measurement of spectral light distribution 380 – 800nm
  • Measurement of Photobiological Safety according DIN EN 62471
  • Spectral measurements (Range: 200 – 3000nm)
  • Measurement of Photosynthetic Active Radiation 400-700nm for plant lighting (PAR, PPF, PPFD)
  • Irradiance measurements
  • Radiance measurements

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